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Sara is a member of the Jehovah's Witnesses. She spends most of her spare time accompanying her parents, going from door to door with a copy of the "Watchtower" in her hand, trying to draw people into conversations about faith and religion. The Jehovah's Witnesses are missionaries and Sara is proud of this. Judgement Day and Salvation are fixed stars in her worldview. Sara knows exactly what she wants--and what she doesn't want. But, when she falls in love with Teis, her rock solid take on life begins to crumble. Teis is not a Jehovah's Witness--nor does it look as though he will allow himself to be baptized, and so Sara faces some difficult decisions. Their secret trysts mean that she has less time for missionary work and this puts Sara in a terrible predicament. It is not possible for her to lie to her parents; moreover, honoring them unconditionally, as her faith demands, is becoming increasingly difficult. Through Teis, she is able to see for the first time in her life, how others perceive the Jehovah's Witnesses. Sara's perception of the world and her image of her parents are now called into question as Sara finds herself torn between her faith and her love.

World Cinema
(Denmark, 2008, 108 mins)
In Danish with English subtitles
North American Premiere
Screenwriter(s) : Niels Oplev, Steen Bille
Directed By: Niels Arden Oplev
Cast: Rosalinde Mynster, Pilou Asbaek, Jens Jorn Spottag, Sarah Boberg
Producer: Thomas Heinesen


Isn't pretty silly that she PRAYS TO GOD at the end but doesn't believe in him??

I'm an ex-JW too, raised to be one from birth, so this movie really brought a lot back.

What was your interpretation of what happened to Teis? It looked like she left him when she talked about how unequal the trade-off was, and the very end said nothing about him. Considering how persistent he was, I can’t imagine him not chasing her down. What do you think?


I was too almost born in this cult.

I was also troubled with the ending of the movie. I suppose she left him but the director doesnt leave a clue to us, does he? I personally think he chased her down although it is not really important to know what really happened.

Greetings my friend

to anonymous 5-2:
No she doesnt believe to Jehovah concept. See this part again to understand the message conveyed

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