www.rwssel.pblogs.gr (The title of the blog translated in English is "JWs.. awake (up)!"

This is one of my blogs on JWs which is hosted in www. pathfinder.gr

The other day I received a message (in Greek and therefore I present you the main issue) that

I should remove any COPYRIGHTED material owned by the WTS within 4 days or elase my blog will be shut down!!! (this is a hosted blog service,nothing to do with blogspot.com)

The following information appeared as a holder of the copyright (!!):

1. Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania. http://www.watchtower.org/ and
2. Christian (...) Jehovah's witnesses of Greece, Legal Department, (phone 0030210 6197630) Name (I withhold his name for the time being)

Of course there is back up of the blog, so no real harm occurs. However, this blog has/has a VERY HIGH GOOGLE RANKING in google.gr for the keywords related to JWs!

Along other Christian bloggers we have formed a coallition against the WTS and please if you can help us on whatever way you may wish or can.

www.jehovahgr.blogspot.com (coallition, open for more authors for Greek speakers, though)
www.m-t-i.blogspot.com (running in parallel with sensored blog, in Greek)
www.i-am-an-apostate.blogspot.com (my humourous blog in English

Please share this message EVERYWHERE! Greece, the cradle of Democracy is being raped by the Watchtower scumbags!


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